Friday, August 24, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday--On Point Blocks

It's time to put all of my Farmer's Wife blocks together into a top. I'm getting excited to see this project completed and on my bed! The setting that I'll be using requires that half of my blocks be set on point. I cut a bunch of 5.5 inch white squares of Kona and then cut them all in half.
Chain piecing is your best friend for something like this.
 Working in sets of 14 or so, I was able to get all of them sashed in just a few sessions at the sewing machine.
 By adding the white corners to each block, I am was able to disguise any differences in size that certainly may or may not have showed up in my 6 inch blocks.
 Using my handy 9.5 inch Omnigrid square ruler, I lined up the points at 4.5 inch (the center of the 9 inch blocks I'm making) and then trimmed up two sides.
 Turning the block upside down, I then lined up the cut edges on the 9 inch marks and then trimmed the two remaining sides.
 Walla! A big stack of perfectly square 9 inch blocks and a bowl full of trimmings!
 Here are all 55 on point blocks spread out on my bed. It looks pretty good, I think....and will look even better when I add in the other batch of square set blocks.
 My first thought was, "Boy, this is going to be a pretty big quilt. I can't believe that I actually made all of these little blocks!"
 Tomorrow I will start adding 2 inch strips to the other 55 blocks.  That should go even faster!
I'd love to be able to show you a finished top next Friday. Stay tuned!


  1. Absolutely beautiful, Carla! Love how it looks on point!

  2. Whee! You're getting closer to a quilt top!

  3. I can't believe you made all those little blocks either! Great idea using the setting triangles, it is going to be beautiful!!! I really like the colors you chose.

  4. Apart from looking absolutely amazing and beautiful, you are going to have a BIG quilt! I can't wait to see it all pieced together!

  5. So pretty! All those lovelies are starting to shine!
    ; )

  6. Wow! A fabulous quilt, Carla!

  7. I am so excited seeing this going together! It looks so bright! And I can't help thinking your leaders and enders are multiplying as well :) Thank you, once again, for including us in the process!

  8. This really is a lovely way to finish off the blocks in the quilt.

  9. This will be a beautiful quilt, Carla!

  10. I like this layout. You'll end up with a much more interesting quilt that's really big! I hope you meet your goal of next Friday. You're a sewing fiend!

  11. Carla, it's looking wonderful! I love the way all that white makes your block colours pop. So fresh and happy looking. Can't wait to see the finished top ;-)