Monday, May 3, 2010


I have favorites.  Do you?  Breyer's vanilla bean ice cream with raspberries on at TJ Maxx and Marshall's......sitting on the deck in the perfect spring weather (like today)......
oh, wait.  This is a blog about quilting.  Okay, sitting on the deck in the perfect spring weather (like today) thumbing through one of my favorite quilting books: Thinking Outside the Block by Sandi Cummings.
I don't own this book, but I sure wish I did.  I have checked it out from my Quilt Guild library a number of times.  There's always something that inspires me when I browse through the pages. I admit to a big appetite for quilting books and have a nice library.  Most of them, I've never made a quilt out of......... I just look at the pictures.  This book is recipes for making a cookie cutter quilt just like the author's.  Instead it contains ideas, how-tos and eye candy for your own interpretation.  This is the best kind of book in the quilting book world, I think.

The first time I checked out Thinking Outside the Block was several years ago. (The book was published in 2004, so has been around awhile.)  My second grandson "needed" a quilt for his nursery, and Lolly (that's me) hadn't made him a proper one yet. Enter Sandi's book and the idea of inserting one inch strips of fabric into a block to add interest.  Here's what I did.........The simple Snowball quilt takes on the look of Tinker toys with the fabric strips inserted into the border.
Tomorrow is the quilt guild meeting.  The book is due.  My favorite will have to go back.......
Until the next time I check it out! In the meantime, I'm working on another idea with inserted ya later!


  1. It's a GREAT book, isn't it, Carla! Love that book. Love your inspired border! Makes the quilt even more fun!

  2. Wow, I love your quilt.

  3. That is a beautiful and unique quilt! I'm going to have to find that book to read for myself.

    My favorites... Barnes & Noble {books make a bad day better}, Diet Coke with vanilla, coming home in the evening and NOT turning on the TV {I love to hear my daughter playing, the dogs running through the house, and my hubby cooking and singing}.

    Jennifer :)

  4. I love those inserted strips! I'll have to check that book out from the library for a little inspiration myself :)