Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mocha Frappuccino

Do you ever just need to celebrate coming to the end of a project? That's just what I did today as i finished up the last two triangles for my Pop Stars Quilt!
 Vicki and I have been having a ball on our Sewing Tuesdays as we've stitched  1.5 inch strips onto muslin foundations for the last seven months. We are both going to use our quilts as tablecloths and I need 60 of these large triangles for my 63"x105" quilt. Check that off of my list... Now to get them all stitched together!
 Being a bit addicted to coffee drinks lately, I've been wanting to come up with a way to make my own frappuccinos. I think that I've concocted a pretty good recipe that's quick, easy to fix, and ohhhhh so good! I'll share the recipe just in case you have something to celebrate also!
 Mocha Frappuccino
8 ounces International Delight Mocha Iced Coffee (Find this in the dairy case)
4 ounces milk
1 packet Truvia or any sweetener
1 or 2 drops Vanilla extract
Crushed ice
Makes 20 ounces
 Put all ingredients into a blender, adding the ice last and filling it to approximately the 20 ounce line.
 You probably could use ice cubes if crushed is not available...just takes a bit more blending.
 Now, just push the blend button until you don't hear any more ice breaking up and the drink is blended and frothy.
 This makes a nice big frappuccino for sharing with a friend.
Or, if you have an extra 210 calories to spare, do as I did and drink the whole thing yourself! What do you have to celebrate?


  1. Not a coffee drinker but it looks good. I'm going to share your recipe with my daughter though.

  2. Good reason to celebrate! And a great way to celebrate!

  3. Well, that is one quilt I am looking forward to seeing : )

  4. A toast to completing all of those beautiful triangles.

  5. Ooo. Thanks for the good-sounding drink recipe. Sounds like a winner, though I wonder if that Mocha Iced Coffee is available as decaf. Well, maybe I'd be tempted to splurge with caffeine if I really have something to celebrate! So glad you do. What a fun accomplishment. I bet you can't wait to see all those triangles sewn together. Continue to enjoy... and celebrate!